When it comes to trance, it’s hard not to think of Orjan Nilsen. Having stayed atop the scene for fifteen years (and counting!), the Norwegian DJ-producer has certainly left many marks with his signature sounds. Today, to celebrate this impressive milestone, the Orjan Nilsen has resurrected his DJ Governor moniker with his latest release ‘Re-Election‘.

Bringing back “that old-school Orjan vibe,” ‘Re-Election’ encapsulates all that uplifting trance should be with its rousing melodies and dynamic power. Together, all the elements come together seamlessly as a nod towards the origins of trance.

Times have changed so much since then, especially what music sounds like. Back then, you couldn’t think of a track shorter than seven or eight minutes long and the sound quality was much, much lower. Nowadays, you can make an exceptional trance track that is not even 4 minutes long, and this is what I attempted with ‘Re-Election’. It’s old-school trance with a modern twist, good sound quality, a must-have melody and that dance floor energy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Stream Orjan Nilsen‘s latest track ‘Re-Election‘ on your favorite platform, or check it out below!