Dutch King Says Music Festivals Are Essential

Dutch King Willem-Alexander recently stated that festivals are considered essential in the Netherlands. He recently spoke to various event organizations to notify them about the news.

The Netherlands has been slowly showing some improvement in regards to its impact from the coronavirus. Many restrictions are being lifted; Movie theaters and restaurants will be able to open their doors starting on June 1st. However, not long ago, Dutch prime minister Hugo de Jonge stated that festivals and events would not be able to come back until a coronavirus vaccine is found.


Due to de Jonge’s statement, the Dutch King spoke to various event organizations to share the importance of festivals in Dutch Culture. According to Hard News, some of these organizations were the directors of Oerol, De Parade, Wonderfeel, and Holland Festival en Mojo Concerts. Just like many of us, king William-Alexander hopes that gatherings will be made possible soon. He also said that it is great that festivals and events are exploring new options to continue entertaining fans.

Although the Dutch King considers festivals essential, when will they actually come back? The industry is still working for new ways to hold its events, such as the new drive-in concept. However, it seems that the official return of Dutch festivals will not happen for quite some time. Unfortunately, a vaccine for COVID-19 first before music festivals can be consider a full comeback.