More unfortunate festival cancellations have officially come out. Recently, it was announced on social media that the rescheduled Beyond Wonderland SoCal and The Gorge have been canceled. They both will not be making a return until 2021.

When Beyond Wonderland SoCal was postponed back in March, many were hopeful that the coronavirus would be managed by the time the summer season came around. Just a week after The Gorge event was supposed to take place, SoCal was rescheduled to June 19th and 20th. However, as time has passed, it has become apparent that this sickness may not be managed until much later. As a result, Insomniac thought that it would be best that they cancel both events.

Beyond Wonderland

For those who purchased tickets for either Beyond Wonderland SoCal or The Gorge, you have two options to choose from. If you plan to attend these events in 2021, then you can choose to keep your ticket. If you agree to follow this option and you have GA passes, they will be upgraded to GA+. However, if you are uncertain if you can make any of the events, then you can request a refund; they will be accepted until May 31st.

Surely, Beyond Wonderland SoCal and The Gorge are two more events that have been unfortunately canceled due to COVID-19. The future of music festivals has remained uncertain as they begin to be restricted even more. For example, the Dutch minister recently announced that festivals will not be allowed to occur in the Netherlands until a vaccine has been found. The California Governor recently took the same approach for its festivals and events. Hopefully, this pandemic will soon come to an end so music festivals will make a return soon.

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