‘Be Kind’, the new single from Marshmello featuring Halsey, is a wonderful new summer track with an even better message. The song starts off with such a great vibe and just gets better from there.

‘Be Kind’ really gets life from Halsey’s stunning vocals. This collaboration is a match made in heaven, and is probably my most favored Marshmello production thus far.

The base melody of the song doesn’t overpower the vocals, but still has that notable Marshmello stamp on it. You know who produced it and can tell right away. It has a really nice moment for me where the vocals repeat at the end a couple of times within the verses. I really loved that little touch throughout. I found it gave a lovely dimension.

While the lyrics generally push towards a lover wondering why someone isn’t treating someone well but the overall landscape is still something with a positive message. I appreciate that duality in there with the quite upbeat vibe carried by the melody.

I really enjoy this track as a whole and can’t wait to see who else Halsey teams up with in the future. It has an enjoyable, laid-back vibe that can either be something to plug in your headphones and listen on repeat, or shuffle into a mix during a hot summer day just feeling it out.

Give this a listen today and let go of whatever you’re holding onto.