Apple Most Likely Staying with Lightning Port Over USB-C for Next iPhone Before Going Port-Less

Tired of having to carry a different charger for your iPhone that isn’t compatible with your USB-C laptop like most new Macbooks? Well, that isn’t changing anytime soon. Rumor has it that Apple will be using a Lightning port instead of USB-C for the next iPhone. Fortunately, this might be the last device to do so.

Although this is frustrating news, it will most likely be the last major series of the iPhone to do so. Future models will most likely include wireless charging and a port-less Smart Connector system for data transfer and syncing in the iPhone “13 series” next year.

iphone USB-C

Back in 2017, 9to5Mac shared some of the important benefits of switching over to USB-C for the iPhone:

While the Lightning port is a clever standard, USB-C is even smarter and more capable. Adopting a single port across both Mac and iOS devices would massively simplify the cable and connector ecosystem. And the high-speed data transfer capabilities provided by USB-C would allow Apple devices to work together better than ever.

iphone USB-C

Apple introduced the ‌Smart Connector‌ back in 2015 with the iPad Pro. It includes three pins which all serve different functions. They are providing power, data, and grounding, although there were questions about implementing a USB-C compatible port, it never came to fruition.

All in all, it seems we will have to wait a bit until we get a USB-C compatible iPhone, potentially next year. With the current world situation with the coronavirus, perhaps 2021 can’t come soon enough.