Calvin Harris Drops Astounding 4th Love Regenerator EP

Scottish DJ Calvin Harris just dropped his long-awaited 4th Love Regenerator EP. The Scottish producer returns with his fresh new project which has taken EDM by storm, this time collaborating with DJ/Producer Eli Brown. Harris’ new EP is titled Moving. It contains two new tracks and an edit for each one of them.

Calvin Harris

Regenerating Love

Calvin Harris has done it again- Love Regenerator has officially taken over EDM. There is literally not a project this man releases which will not be adored by the whole industry. First, a perfect mixture of pop and EDM. Then, a bit more digging into EDM. After that, a delicious fusion between EDM, Disco and Hip-Hop. We thought we had seen all of it. Now, we know we were wrong.

2020? Techno. And I’m not talking about cheap, made to take advantage of techno trends. I’m talking about a DJ that perfectly adds his music and melodic style into one of EDM’s oldest genres.

Love Regenerator’s 4th EP is amazing. After joining forces with one of Beatport’s top-selling artists, Eli Brown, Harris delivers a masterpiece. Sadly, this new art piece is only two tracks long.

Playing with some classic all-time vocals, like in the track which gives its name to the EP, Harris just reaches perfection again. Strong, dark sounds, joined by some fresh vocals and edits make this an EP you will dance to in your room, in the shower, and everywhere you are (inside your house, obviously).

I genuinely love Harris’ new work. Unlike many others, I actually liked his last disco-ish phase. Love Regenerator, however, aims to be the best work the DJ has dropped in years. If there’s one thing I hope to get during this quarantine, it is more and more Love Regenerator EPs. Love This!

Stream Movin by Calvin Harris & Eli Brown below!