Calvin Harris Delivers The Ultimate Groove On Love Regenerator Set For Defected Virtual Festival [WATCH]

After Defected Virtual Festival, there’s nothing but good reviews to be given. Festival aside, there’s one thing which deserves it’s own mention an article. The set by the headliner, Calvin Harris‘s very own Love Regenerator.

Calvin Harris Love Regenerator Set At  Defected Virtual Festival,

Calvin Harris’ Love Regenerator Defected Virtual Festival set. My goodness. What a perfect set! Harris delivered a set that can only be defined as ‘The Ultimate Groove’. Certainly, this new Harris continues to climb its way onto my favorite Calvin Harris stage. And the people seem to feel the same way. All over the set, comments are the same. Appreciation for this new project and recognition of the DJs work. “Calvin Harris is back in my heart”. “It’s such bad when he did it for money, and when he did for love in music! Heart and brain will never be same energy! 🤔” .”This is his best set I’ve heard from him yet top-notch!“.

Love Regenerator Continues to Win Fans Over!

Love Regenerator might not be what people normally expect from Harris. However, this new chapter is certainly an amazing one! If you watch the Scottish DJ/Producer in action, you’ll see he’s in total ecstasy. His technique is flawless, he controls every single aspect of his sets, and his body is one with the music. I saw Calvin Harris live once some years ago. Sadly, I do not remember the set in its totality. However, I feel like, with this new project, Harris definitely lets out a part of him which has been waiting to come out. I hope Love Regenerator is here to stay, at least for a while. If not, then we’ll at least be able to enjoy sets such as the perfect one he just delivered at Defected Virtual Festival. Keep going Harris! Continue delivering The Ultimate Groove.

Watch Calvin Harris (Love Regenerator) – Live at Defected Virtual Festival here!