Apple May Delay iPhone 12 Due to COVID-19 Concerns

Since 2007, Apple has had a new iPhone launch every year. However, as September is slowly approaching, the iPhone 12 launch this year faces uncertainty. Due to the unforeseen circumstances with the COVID-19 virus, factory production in China has been delayed.

The iPhone 12 would be a milestone for smartphone technology. It was expected to be the first 5G iPhone with updated features such as 3D cameras and OLED screens.

In addition to the production uncertainty resulting from the pandemic, the demand of the product is unknown. COVID-19 has negatively impacted the economy and employment rates; consequently, demand is likely to be affected as well. If consumers do not have the funds to purchase the new iPhone, Apple’s business would suffer as a result.

The product delay isn’t confirmed yet, but speculations point to it being a possibility due to the circumstances. If delayed, it is reported that Apple will set a release date sometime in May of next year.

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