Canadian DJ/Producer WHIPPED CREAM released her newest track last week. It’s called ‘Dumb Sh!t’. It features American rapper JASIAH on the vocals. It was released through Atlantic Records.

Genre fusions are amazing. Nowadays, the huge umbrella known as music contains thousands of genres. To be able to reach more people or better tell a story, artists tend to expand. Crossing genres together, artists mix and craft pieces that attract more than one fandom. Inside the EDM industry, hip-hop and EDM might be one of the biggest and most popular fusions right now. If there’s one artist with a talent for creating these songs, it’s WHIPPED CREAM. The DJ from Canada continues to find her sound with each new song she releases.

Whipped Cream
WHIPPED CREAM is back with her new song DUMB SH!T

While some people might not be huge fans of a song lacking a drop, you can’t forget WHIPPED CREAM had an amazing talent when it comes to mixing. After watching her live last year, I can affirm this. I have no doubt she will find a way to mix this new hit into her sets. The energy ‘Dumb Shit’ transmits reminds me a lot to that of XXXTentacion. Personally, I like the song. It’s a hard, raw sound. It’s filled with energy and the beat is nothing but hypnotizing.

I can’t wait to catch WHIPPED CREAM live again. Hopefully, it’ll be soon enough for me to catch this new track during one of her sets.

Stream Dumb Sh!t (with Jasiah) by Whipped Cream below!