ICYMI: Tchami opened up to any and every question the world had about him on a Reddit AMA yesterday. In a Facebook post, he wanted to create the opportunity to connect with us. During this time of solitary isolation, it can be tough sometimes. We’re glad to see our favorite artists taking advantage of the situation and finding other creative outlets to stay in touch with us.

“While there is a lot going on in the world right now, and since the remainder of the ELEVATION tour had to be canceled, I want to create opportunities to still connect with y’all. Continuing to work hard on my album and can’t wait for you to experience it. Go ahead – ask me anything!” -Martin Joseph Léonard Bresso aka Tchami

Here are some highlights:

He’s working on a new album and we cannot wait for its release! I’ve followed him and his music career for six years, watching him every time he’s playing at a festival or concert venue. His range is phenomenal and he never ceases to amaze during his performances.

Our French DJ is also thinking about doing a live DJ set from home but under the right circumstances. We all wish it would be on Twitch or through VR. Those groovy, future bass and deep house vibes would make for an excellent night.

He met DJ Snake when he was 16-17, and Malaa when he was 26. At 35 years old now, he’s come a long way and has garnered support from top dogs of the industry. Like when he went b2b with Zhu at Hard Summer last year. It’s no wonder his music resonates so hard with us.

Some didn’t have questions, they just wanted to express their love and support. Others delve deeper into his musical background and sounds he used for his music. Because as it stands, his music style, live performances, and art all coexist perfectly to fit his French priest vibe.

Coming from a music-loving family, he started playing the piano at age 4. He trained in classical music until 13 years old out. Diving into French hip hop and house music later, he takes influences from varying genres. His biggest musical inspirations are Stevie Wonder, Erik Satie, Timbo, and sound engineers like Ali, plus much more in this field. He admired late-night DJs because they can play whatever came to their minds.

For all the aspiring DJs, his sounds come from a collection, ambiances, or drones. His love for ambient music creates his masterpieces today. 808 sub, radical pianos, different layers of samples, and Maelstrom are key components to some of his sounds.

Above all, during this time of social distancing, he is just like us and is also playing video games to pass the time. Being the funny guy that he is, he wouldn’t dish out on who exactly Malaa is either (best buds for life!).

As we look forward to the Joyryde collab and more new music, we appreciate Martin’s time and authenticity. We can build better habits just like him in reading two books each day, meditating, and keeping our mental game strong.

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