SoundCloud and Twitch Partner For Artists To Monetize Streams

As artists are staying indoors to practice social distancing, there has been a rise in musicians streaming online via Twitch. Though Twitch has been primarily known for hosting gaming streams, it shares other content as well. The “Music and Performing Arts” category currently has 2.2M followers. Streamers can utilize the platform to gain new fans and monetize their channel to make money.

Artists like Dillon Francis have started creating a regular stream schedule.

SoundCloud and Twitch are partnering up to help musicians monetize their streams. This comes at an essential time to support them, and is particularly helpful for indie artists. Income from online streaming can help make up for losses from the inability to tour for the time being. The partnership between the two platforms will allow for SoundCloud artists to fast track their accounts to affiliate status, which comes with monetization privileges.

SoundCloud artists who have SoundCloud Pro, SoundCloud Premier, and Repost by SoundCloud accounts quality for this perk. The full details for the partnership and requirements can be found via SoundCloud’s announcement post.

During this quarantine period, it’s important to continue to support your favorite musicians whatever way you can. Show up and support their sets, whether it’s online or at your local venue.