The best description regarding Shambhala’s incredible lineup comes straight from their official Twitter page: “Featuring heavy hitters, up-and-comers, all-time favourites, and everything in between.” What music lover would not want a festival lineup that contains these kinds of artists?

Just 130 miles north of Spokane, the 4-day camping festival has established its place in the electronic music world since 1998. This immersive festival only has positive reviews from past and reoccurring attendees, and almost 23 years later, it’s still going. This year, it seems like attendees are in for a major treat following this massive lineup announcement.

Bringing the funk this year are SoDown, The Funk Hunters, and Too Many Zooz. Fan-favorites Defunk and Tipper will also be performing. Following the funk, techno is heavily showcased as well. Testpilot will be making his way for a special performance with friend, i_o. Some other notable sets that attendees will be able to see are Tycho’s DJ set, Subfocus, Charles The First, and ATliens. And lastly, many are talking about Wajatta. The duo incorporates free-styling, looping vocal samples, and telling stories/jokes the whole time he’s playing.

Even more exciting is that this is not the full lineup. According to their Twitter post, it looks like we will be expecting at least 200 more artists on the lineup. For the time being, you can take a look at who will be performing down below.

Stay connected to Shambhala on Twitter here for more information as the festival comes closer.