Peloton Settles Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

Peloton has been receiving plenty of attention from their advertisements. However, it’s not all positive. The company was recently hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit on the songs they offered.

Record labels claimed that Peloton instructors were streaming unapproved songs during classes. These artists include Drake, Adele, Taylor Swift, and more. Music publishers, represented by the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA), demanded over $300 million in damages. As a result, they limited the music selections during the lawsuit.

After nearly a year, both parties have come to an agreement. NMPA will work with Peloton to ensure that songwriters will be fairly compensated.

NMPA President & CEO David Israelite said:

“We are pleased the music publishers and their songwriter partners in this case have reached a settlement with Peloton that compensates creators properly and sets forth the environment for a positive relationship going forward. Peloton is an innovative company, and we are impressed with the company’s investment in technology and commitment to delivering a powerful, authentic music experience. We look forward to our ongoing collaboration to find solutions that will benefit all songwriters.” 

Peloton’s Head of Music Paul DeGooyer explained further that ” “Music is an important part of the Peloton experience, and we are very proud to have pioneered a new revenue stream for recording artists and songwriters.”