Kaskade is doing a live AMA today and is inviting you to sit with him and chat. Plus, he’s offering free delivery of FREE burritos from Chipotle. Tune in today at 6 pm PST/9 pm EST on his Instagram.

In a seemingly devastating time, our favorite house producer is bringing us a fireside chat. This is ultimate in creating normalcy around our silent communities.

He invites you to your living room, basement, kitchen, garage, etc. for some good ol’ fashion fun. Oh! He’s also going to be playing some tunes. And if music, burritos, and Kaskade aren’t enough motivation for you, then I don’t know what is. It’s another weekend of virtual raves coming your way. As he says, put on your fluffies and get out of your sweatpants. Because he’s here to make things better.

Come prepared with your questions. From how do you get a burrito to what is coming next for the year. Could this be better than a typical Reddit AMA? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Those that join, do let us know how you thought it went. Let us know how much fun you had too. Grab your burrito, brews, and besties and join in.

While we still do not know the fate of EDC Las Vegas, at least we have the camaraderie of the community. For now, enjoy tonight as Kaskade opens up. Here’s a gif to get you going on those burritos.

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