Desert Hearts Black has been an unstoppable force in the world of dark techno since its launch six months ago. Their latest release, a 4-track EP titled ‘Famous Last Words’ from Dance Spirit, proves this even further.

‘Famous Last Words’ is the first release on the label from the talented LA-based duo, and we’re thrilled to see them join the family. Dance Spirit has been a favorite of ours for years, as we’ve been longtime fans of their eclectic journeys into psychedelic sounds and deep vibes. Though their sound has definitely evolved since they started back in 2012, it’s continually been for the better.

Prepare to dive in with this one, folks. This EP takes you on a journey through soundscapes beyond reach, kicking off with an 8-minute-long title track that feels properly prepared to reach every corner of a dark dancefloor. Start there, gear up, and explore the depths Dance Spirit’s incredibly creative minds. ‘Famous Last Words’ is an absolute must-listen.

Hear it below, and buy it on Beatport here.