Caribou – Suddenly

Caribou is finally back with another album after nearly six years on Suddenly which released via Merge Records. Snaith’s last body of work, Our Love, received great praise, and the current release ties into it in a thematic manner. On that, the previous album explored notions of love while Suddenly found a way to implement those notions into reflective personal experiences. This, in essence, is the backbone of the project, creating a warm sense of attachment.

Going into the credits of the album begins to show just how intimate the approach of the album is. For instance, he uses his own mother’s voice from a recording, as well as saxophone and guitar recordings from a longtime friend, Colin Fisher. In addition, Kieran Hebden (Four Tet), gave his assistance on the project, drawing even more from Caribou’s personal life. Topping off, the album’s name is taken from his daughter saying the word ‘Suddenly’ non-stop.

Tracks 1-6

Sister‘ eloquently introduces the album’s personal themes with its lyricism on a bed of delicate production including a recording of the artist’s mother. Moving to a more familiar sound territory, ‘You and I‘ instills the sound we’re used to from Caribou. Nonetheless, it affirms the album’s theme of sudden movements in the music, consistently diverging it to a different path. It doesn’t take away from it at all, but almost on all occasions, presents something palatable and interesting. Elaborating, the producer talked about the shape-shifting dynamic of the album.

“It’s been great watching the first few people I let listen to it react at those points and to see the genuine shock when they first hear those moments. I wanted to balance the familiar—the sound that people associate with my music—against these moments of surprise.”

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Following, ‘Sunny’s Time‘ takes one of the more unpredictable turns with its hip-hop inspired chops and beat. It transitions that energy into the lively track, ‘New Jade’, presenting infectious chops over wavy synth lines. Onward, its rich kick and percussive elements gorgeously intertwine with Caribou’s vocal performance. ‘Home’ presents one of the highlights of the album through contagious grooves, guitars, and its snug feeling. Subsequently, ‘Lime‘ plays on submerged synth notes on a funky sound.

Tracks 7-12

Never Come Back‘ demands replays with its punchy piano and synth stabs alongside lush, quick vocal passages. On the other hand, ‘Filtered Grand Piano‘ presents what the name insinuates, leading to ‘Like I Loved You‘. On it, Snaith bounces airy percussive elements around the guitar as his vocals are pushed to the forefront. Switching gears, ‘Magpie‘ restrains itself in a quiet tone allowing a widely panned sound highlighting synth bounces. Evidently, the tides reach the bubbling, radiant embrace of ‘Ravi‘ accentuating chopped vocals. Undoubtedly, it ought to put you into a glistening mood. Concluding, the album ends on ‘Cloud Song‘, marking the longest track of the record. Throughout, it develops by shifting both its mood and sound on a melancholic note, as the story surrounds accepting inevitability.

Caribou Suddenly

Final Remarks

With Caribou releasing Suddenly, the artist will be touring the album, and many dates are sold out already. To find out where he’s stopping to perform and purchase tickets, click here. In addition, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith will be accompanying as a support act on select dates.

Finally, Submerge in Caribou’s album, Suddenly, which released via Merge Records below!