Axwell And Tchami Credited For Working In Lady Gaga’s New Album

Lady Gaga’s new album via Interscope Records is close to it’s release date. The artist sixth studio album Chromatica, has plans to release within the upcoming months. According to some early reviews, there’s one word that perfectly defines the album and that is HOUSE. Legends such as Axwell and Tchami are recognized for working on Lady Gaga’s new album.

The Year Of House

This year, we return to a point in which dance music and pop create their own unique genre. Lady Gaga demonstrates how dance music has a major influence on various genres including pop in 2020. With having massive representation from the dance music community, Chromatica will be one of the biggest releases this year for EDM as well as pop!

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On Lady Gaga’s newly released issued cover for Paper Magazine, Lady Gaga discusses the creative process, harmony, and relation between everyone involved in her upcoming album. She explains how all of the musicians involved work on Chromatica as an equal group effort.

“Every single thing you hear on Chromatica was passed around and things would get removed, changed or altered. Everyone here heard it or touched it.”

Well, there you have it, fans can anticipate to hear lots of house music blended with Lady Gaga’s signature pop sound within her next album. Although the world is in a scary place at the moment, we are positive Chromatica will be worth the wait. We can’t wait to hear how Axwell and Tchami contributed to the album. Here’s to a 2020 filled with new music!