Tomorrowland 2020 Sells Out in Minutes

2020 is just starting, and with every new year, comes a new Tomorrowland. People from all over the globe gather every year at Boom, Belgium for the father of all EDM festivals. This year, as usual, the tickets sold out within minutes.

Tomorrowland is the most famous festival in the scene, but getting in is quite the journey. This year, like always, buying a ticket was a matter of luck. We hope you guys have it.

It is important to mention that you have to through a process to buy a ticket. Starting with pre-registration, then the actual sale, you can see more info here.

If you are hoping to attend this year’s Tomorrowland, you better have your tickets by now, if you don’t, you might have to wait for 2021, since every single ticket was sold in a span of less than a minute.

Tomorrowland keeps getting bigger each year, and it becomes more difficult to buy a ticket, with prices starting at 109€ for a day pass, you can see the prices here.

This year’s Tomorrowland comes with a massive lineup, and bigger than ever, it promises to be one to make history. With a lineup too big to just mention and too dope to shorten it, you can check the complete list of confirmed performances here. If you have your tickets by now, then congratulations, if not, better luck next year.

You can check out past Tomorrowlands´ greatest tunes in the playlist below.