Dillon Francis Releases Remix Pack For Two Tracks From Magic Is Real Album

Over the last few months, Dillon Francis released a two-part album called Magic Is Real. It was signature Dillon ranging from mind-tingling tracks to thumping bangers. Now he has released the official remixes for two of the high octane ones, ‘DFR’ and ‘GO OFF (Nuthin’ 2 It).’

The first of the remixes is Black Cavier’s of ‘DFR’. Per usual the duo gets our feet moving. The American DJs know how to get a crowd going and this remix features deep beats complimented with a catchy tune. In my eyes the best remix of the pack.

Beauty Brain is the next one to remix the track. The Spanish duo takes the original and embeds a thick bassline within. They switch up the drums throughout the drop giving it a whole new vibe. The final remix of ‘DFR’ comes from Florida producer Shndō. He adds quite the twist on the drop. Quick beats hit throughout making sure your body never stops moving. This one is a banger for sure too.

‘GO OFF (Nuthin’ 2 It)’ has two remixes, one being a VIP from Dillon himself. King Arthur and Kevin Aleksander provide us with the other one, utilizing an electro drop instead of the original deep house one. Perfect for the shufflers to get down to the beat. The VIP remix done by Dillon hides the deep bass drop and instead brings out some fun drum synths.

Dillon Francis is currently on a massive Sugar, Spice, and Everything Ice North American headline tour. You can check that out here. Make sure to check out both remix packs below!