VNTM – Dark Knight EP

Looking for more techno this year? VNTM is a live act hailing from the suburbs of Amsterdam. Out now is a two track EP titled ‘Dark Knight‘ encompassing dark underground techno with contemporary progressive melodies.

The first track is titled ‘Dark Knight’ and kicks off with bass right out of the gates. Soon, the synths enter accompanied by the melody, light and airy in the background. Follow that heartbeat to the end of the song. Taking you on a journey through the rain on a midnight drive, we feel the vibes. Worthy as an anthem to the Dark Knight himself? You be the judge.

Next up is ‘Demons‘, a brooding, unrelenting piece just over seven minutes. Bits of wobbly synth and hi-hat drive you forward. Like a chase in your dreams from your inner demons, it is a race to the finish line. When the melody cuts out, that’s when you jump through the hurdles. Once again, follow that heartbeat bass until you escape.

This EP is an experience with its central focus on sound, imaginative visuals, and a unique musical identity. VNTM delivers a diverse live performance while stunning a big audience.

Already an artist with a lot of experience live and in the production studio, VNTM stands for quality, stability and contemporary music. He aims to be timeless, which means bringing the old school in with the new.

He’s performed at Afterlife, Awakenings, Basis, Toffler, Mystic Garden, La Reve Festival, and Warehouse Elementenstraat. Did we mention he’s also played alongside industry giants like Tale of Us, Adriatique, Mind Against, Sasha & Digweed and much, much more? Nicole Moudaber, Joris Voorn and many more also support him.

We cannot wait to see what else he has in store for 2020, but for now take a listen to the EP below.

VNTM – Dark Knight EP