Just when you thought Steve Aoki‘s extensive resume was impressive as is, it continues to grow. This Grammy-nominated DJ and producer is one of the hardest working artists in the industry. He goes from performing and partying around the globe to operating several businesses at the same time. As the son of Benihana founder Hiroaki Aoki, Steve’s affinity for entrepreneurship comes naturally. At a young age, he’s started his own music label, runs his own fashion line, created his own philanthropy, and wrote his own memoir. Now, the world-famous Tic Tac brand has enlisted Steve Aoki as the new Creative Director for their X-Freeze mints campaign.

“I’m always pushing myself to test new boundaries and try new things – whether that’s jumping out of an airplane or DJ’ing in three countries in one night.”

Steve Aoki to PR News Wire

Tic Tac‘s new X-Freeze mints are designed to be stronger and more mintier than the older mints we’ve all grown to know and love. Steve Aoki has decided to incorporate all aspects from his action-packed and extreme lifestyle to breathe life into this campaign. When creating this campaign, Aoki chooses images that he believes will demonstrate the feeling and essence of Tic Tac X-Freeze. Consequently, Aoki and Tic Tac deployed two 15-second videos showing Aoki DJing, cliff diving, snowboarding, and dipping into an icy cold bath. Watch the videos below to see Steve Aoki’s exciting X-Freeze campaign in action!

“It was thrilling to be able to reflect on these exhilarating experiences and showcase them through a campaign that focuses on the powerfully refreshing flavor of Tic Tac X-Freeze.”

Steve Aoki to PR News Wire

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