Above & Beyond and Seven Lions – See The End (Last Heroes Remix)

Last Heroes have released a remix for Above & Beyond and Seven Lions infamous track, ‘See The End’. The remix starts off as a wave of absolute serenity. The pairing of fluid vocals and a bright lead piano bring you in like a tide. The melody washes over then falls back just a bit before it charges at you like a tsunami of ecstasy. The melodic and uplifting drop feels like the warmth of the sun as you stand eyes closed, taking it in. Energizing you, while telling you to let go.

This track is group Opposite The Other‘s debut on Anjunabeats and I would say it’s quite the proper one as well. The vocals are the shining star of this song for me. Everything works together in harmony allowing the vocals to add even more illumination to this track. The crystal clear cadence of vocalist Sam Burger brilliantly suits the tone of this track. It’s the puzzle piece that fits seamlessly into the brilliant composition by Above & Beyond and Seven Lions.

Opposite The Other (left to right): Robbie Spooner, Sam Burger, Dan Burger

The composition by Above & Beyond and Seven Lions of the track feels like a brand new room in a house we already know and feel comfortable in. It waits for us with surprising elements but familiar warmth. It has the depth and character that we expect from these artists. Their strengths play off each other beautifully and are used to create such a wonderful track that can be put on repeat for an all-day feel-good vibe.

This particular remix of ‘See The End’ by Last Heroes is yet another instant hit that will be played throughout festivals and clubs alike. It will bring listeners onto its shores and allow them to experience the brightness it has to offer, over and over again.

Above & Beyond and Seven Lions – See The End (Last Heroes Remix)