3 Insomniac Events That Have Massive Influence on The EDM Scene and Why (Opinion)

Festivals have always been a meaningful part in dance music culture. Throughout the years, we have seen various changes within production, music, festival attendees, and the EDM scene itself. Honestly, festivals are at an all time high right now. Going to events may be your main hobby or something you get to do occasionally; nonetheless, festivals are fun and we are so lucky to be a part of the festival era in music.

Although there are various event companies out there that throw massive festivals; Insomniac has thrown some of the most memorable events in dance music history, from making a start in 1992; Pasquale Rotella (Owner and CEO of Insomniac) hosted his first event called “Unity Groove” in Los Angeles at only 17-years-old and the rest is history. Within the last 20+ years, Insomniac has greatly grown into an empire that rules dance music today.

As being an active Insomniac events attendee, here are 3 of my favorite Insomniac festivals that I believe have a massive influence on the EDM scene.

Nocturnal Wonderland

Nocturnal Wonderland was my very first festival in 2014. When I first stepped into the San Manuel Amphitheater, my jaw completely dropped when I put everything around me into perspective. This is where I saw many artists for the first time including SLANDER, Martin Garrix, Nicky Romero, and more. 

Now, Nocturnal Wonderland has gone through a massive transformation. While it being the longest running music festival in North America; throughout the years, Nocturnal Wonderland has experimented with various aspects to make the festival perfect for Insomniac’s headliners. In 2016, fans were lucky enough to be treated with three days for the event instead of two.  This festival in particular has made an impact on the EDM scene because it is one of the most prominent festivals in Southern California. Nocturnal Wonderland is legendary because of how old the festival is. For many artists, this was their first festival that helped them break out into the scene. Nocturnal Wonderland truly has made history and various memories throughout the years.

Beyond Wonderland

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Beyond Wonderland has always been one of my favorite events to attend. This festival is so pure and demonstrates the importance of Insomniac Events. Throughout all the events Insomniac puts on, Insomniac always goes all out with the line up for this festival. This is one of the biggest festivals in Southern California right before EDC, so it is truly the ultimate EDC pregame. This festival in particular has made such an impact on the scene because it’s one of the first festivals that was thrown at the Nos Events Center in San Bernardino, California. This festival might have such a deep and rich history, but it is totally future focused and will always be one of the top Insomniac festivals.

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Beyond Wonderland gives Insomniac a chance to tell their own Alice in Wonderland story and bring their fairytale to life.

Let us know if you are going this year and check out the line up below!

Beyond Wonderland SoCal 2020 lineup

EDC Las Vegas

EDC 2020 is right around the corner and it is truly the highlight of my year every. single. year.  Since I started attending EDC in 2015, the festival has evolved faster than my eyes can blink. With a new sleek modern demeanor, the 3-day long festival is way more than just a “rave at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway”. EDC has such an impact on dance music culture because it is truly the Super bowl of all festivals. This event has stayed up to date with festival trends and has created their own presence as a unique event to attend throughout your lifetime. 

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Since attending EDC, I have seen the Basspod stage light on fire (literally) and I’ve also seen how Insomniac has given their stages a new and improved elegance. Insomniac has truly made every year special with the massive stage transformations. This festival allows everyone in dance music culture to come together and listen to music that cultivates the meaning of “EDM”. EDC is where I found myself and I believe this is the festival where most people find themselves. This event has more than an influence on EDM because this is where new music is found, new artists get to show off, and this is where headliners fall in love with not only the music but the culture/ magic surrounding it.

EDC is truly a festival you do not want to miss out on.

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All in all, each of these festivals have a huge influence on different ravers in different ways. Personally, every single one of these festivals have helped me grow into the adult raver I am today. These events have showed me a different side of myself. Although I am getting older; I feel these festivals always teach me something new about music, friendship, my opportunities in life and many more. If you are feeling like a retired festival attendee; don’t, do not give up on the scene that helped create you as an individual.