Thugfucker Release Interdimensional Journeys EP on Desert Hearts Black

We’re thrilled to see Desert Hearts Black release another impressive artist on the new label, this time coming in with the heavy-hitting Thugfucker and his new EP, Interdimensional Journeys. After the launch of this Desert Hearts subsidiary a few months back, we’ve seen release after release that has solidified their role as a home for the perfect tunes for those late-night hours on the dancefloor. This EP, needless to say, fits right in.

As a co-founder of the infamous Life and Death label, Thugfucker has been a staple in the international house and techno world for years and . The four-track release features three Thugfucker originals – “Holotropic”, “Psychedelic People” and “Sidestep”, as well as a special remix of “Sidestep” by DHB label heads Marbs and Evan Casey. It’s a dive into a trippy space of soundscapes and deeper, darker grooves that’s well worth a listen.

The team behind Desert Hearts Black has been a group of some of our favorite up-and-coming artists for awhile now. Marbs and Evan Casey have continuously been Desert Hearts mainstays, and always served up the heavier techno beats on the DH dancefloors. Prior to Thugfucker, DHB releases over the last few months have brought in the likes of Tim Engelhardt, Lunar Plane, and Rinzen as well.

This new EP stands as more proof of DHB’s successful foray into the darker, alluring psychedelic sounds of the house and techno alleyways. We’re looking forward to what’s next from this crew—and in the meantime, you can listen to Thugfucker’s new EP below.

Thugfucker – Interdimensional Journeys EP