Headbangers were in for a special treat as the infamous dubstep label Never Say Die records hosted their 10 year ‘A Decade of Dubstep’ anniversary event. The event took place at the iconic Shrine Expo Hall in the heart of Los Angeles. 

The label showed off their achievements throughout the decade by including various artists to play the event. As the Shrine Expo hall roared with excitement; while dubstep listeners got to hear new and old releases from the label throughout the artists performances. 



Photo Credits: Jake West

Closing Never Say Die’s historic night is the one and only, Zomboy. Opening his set with his latest release “Archangel”, the tone was set from there on after. Through the fire and flames, Zomboy reinforced himself to the crowd with set filled with originals, remixes, and special unreleased tracks to end the night which spelled mayhem at the Shrine Expo Hall. At one point, you can hear the crowd chanting “Never-Say-Die!, Never-Say-Die!” as Zomboy paid homage to the man who started it all, SKiSM. The set was fullfilled with co2 blasts, flames, moshpits, and all the heavy favorites Never Say Die fans all came to see and hear. To say the least, there would have been no better special guest to close the historic Never Say Die 10th anniversary than, Zomboy. 


Photo Credits: Jake West

Another set of two up and coming soon to become prominent figures in bass music is Moody Good and Space Laces. The two calmly transitioned into the further depths of glitchy hip-hop bass tunes as they subtly cranked up the dynamism with much more emphatic tracks to the end the set. The back to back mind bended the audience with notable songs from the two such as “Heart Break”, “SIXTYSIXTY”, “Choppaz”, and “Torque”. The Los Angeles debut of Moody Good and Space Laces did not disappoint as the crowd roared and cheered as the two showed integrity; and brute force as the final openers of the night.


Photo Credits: Jake West

As one of the most anticipated back to back’s of the night; Midnight Tyrannosaurus and Trampa, brought infinite carnage of downright filthy bass tunes. Of course, playing fan favorite tracks such as Midnight Tyrannosaurus’ “Brain Sludge” and “Supreme Symbiote (VIP)” as well as Trampa’s “Runners” and “Rocketfuel (VIP)”. For about the first 30 minutes the two set the crowd off with a mixture of their own songs; but once after went completely off the deep end with a peculiar and exotic sound of complex bass frequencies so loud it looked as if the walls were moving on it’s own. This back to back truly set an ambiance that is endemic and normally expected to frequent bass music lovers as Midnight Tyrannosaurus and Trampa set themselves apart with a special portion of contemporary bass music.


Photo Credits: Jake West

Fresh blood and fresh tunes, Spag Heddy and Kompany. Two of dubstep’s most quickly rising stars come together for a first ever back to back for Never Say Die’s 10th anniversary as both Spag Heddy and Kompany evince a severing blow to the crowd by playing out a mixture of absolute chaotic tunes.

Spag Heddy’s notable drops included his popular rising song “Zoom”, “Oh My! (VIP)”, and “Noodle Neck”. While Kompany dropped ample tracks such as “Firewall”, “Skullcrack”, “Broken”, and his remix of Slander’s “Love Is Gone”. Auspiciously being placed to play in the middle of the night; both Spag Heddy and Kompany were able to disport themselves to maximum while playing their favorite tracks to a fan favored crowd.


Photo Credits: Jake West

MUST D!E is top tier. This angel annihilated bass demon never fails to entertain a crowd with his whimsical improvised commentary whilst skillfully throwing down dubstep’s most sought after tracks to be heard in a live setting. Playing new and classic fan favorite tracks such as “BLISS 2K”, “Shibuya Overdrive”, “Gem Shards”, and of course always ending with his remix of Flux Pavilion’s “Emotional”. A perfect balance of original music, unreleased tracks, remixes, as well as bass music’s most popular tracks, MUST D!E, for quite some time, has made case for himself to be the dark horse of modern bass music.


Photo Credits: Jake West

Kicking off the historical night with two unbounding forces of nature of which was the back to back of Megalodon and Krimer. This supremely underrated back to back unfastened a demise of cessation and boisterous sounds as Megalodon showcased an arduous of weaponry with tracks from his latest ‘The Hunt’ EP while Krimer boasted his “Fxck Around VIP” and dimension expanding remix of Spag Heddy’s “Zoom”. These two graciously set the tone for the rest of the night alerting the surrounding area of USC residents that an abyss of the world’s heaviest bass tunes were about to unravel and shake the grounds within the very heart of Los Angeles.


Photo Credits: Jake West

All in all, LA gained a new appreciation for dubstep as fans crowded the Shrine Expo Hall from wall to wall. As the night went on, the music only got louder and the audience could feel the excitement possessing throughout the venue. Although the artists definitely played to their highest potential, the production was absolutely out of this world. Each visual highlighted the heaviness of every drop throughout the rowdy event. This is only the beginning for Never Say Die Records and we cannot wait to see what is next to come for the label!