deadmau5 Releases Another Darker Track This Year Titled ‘Fall’

deadmau5 is continuing his onslaught of new releases this year with a dark and dirty one titled ‘Fall‘. We see its release on mau5trap records and as you listen to this one, expect an unexpected journey.

This track is menacing in its tempo and melody. It is actually quite different compared to his other pieces. Listen to that throbbing, unrelenting heartbeat of a bass. The sound is techno driven and worthy of his Testpilot alias. Kick drums offset the bass where off beats are thrown into the mix as well. It is seven minutes of pure insanity. Gradually, each measure adds an additional musical instrument to captivate the listener more. You never know where it will go but you know that if you stop listening, you may just miss something.

We’re excited to see so many new singles released in a short amount of time from our esteemed producer. This single follows just after his other two ‘SATRN‘ and ‘COASTED‘ (my personal favorite). If you’ve seen Joel since the beginning of the year, you’ll have noticed these singles closing out his sets. They’ve blown us away then, and they continue to blow us away now as releases.

Listen to his latest single below and let us know what you think.

deadmau5 – Fall