Beatport Site Recovers From Major Power Outage

Earlier last week, Beatport suffered a major outage affecting users on a global scale. Visibly irritated, users spread their frustrations and questions to social media as it wasn’t clear when the site would be fixed. On December 20th, Beatport posted to Facebook stating their “colocation facility experienced a power failure“. Not to mention, many users were concerned their personal information may have been hacked. Luckily, Beatport has confirmed that the online music marketplace was not hacked and user data is secure.

“We have brought Beatport back online… However, due to ongoing issues with the site, we will only be providing lossless WAV files for download at no extra cost.”

By the night of December 20th, Beatport reported positive progress made regarding the reboot of their site. After about two days with the site down, their team was able to take the site out of the “maintenance mode”. According to their update, users will only be able to access lossless WAV files until further notice. As you may know, Beatport provides a vast quantity of downloadable music to the always growing DJ community. Artists, both large and small, rely on the site for their creative needs.

In the past, Beatport has been able to alleviate similar outages and site crashes in a short time frame. While there is no clear cause for a site outage of this magnitude, Beatport does have a solution for the future. In one of their update posts, it’s stated that Beatport will be officially moved to the “cloud.” In fact, we could see the transition before the end of 2020, limiting the chances of another major outage.

Moving forward, Beatport will be posting additional updates regarding the outage on their social media. Keep posted to their Facebook page here.

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