Amazon Announces AI Music-Making Tool “AWS DeepComposer”

Writing music is hard. But it may have just gotten a little bit easier. Amazon just announced an exciting new product to help with those tedious sessions which lack inspiration. In addition to launching their interests in the music production industry, a new tool to help producers is also here. Meet AWS DeepComposer, which is the world’s first machine learning-enabled musical keyboard for developers.

Launching yesterday, the AWS DeepComposer is a game-changer for the average producer and beyond.

“Get started with the AWS DeepComposer keyboard to create a melody that will transform into a completely original song in seconds, all powered by AI. AWS DeepComposer includes tutorials, sample code, and training data that can be used to get started building generative models, all without having to write a single line of code.”

In fact, starting at $99 this product is a steal. While DeepComposer is a physical 32-key keyboard, it is ultimately powered by generative artificial intelligence. In practice, the user will be providing the system with a melody which is then sent to the models running on the AWS cloud. Check out the video below from the product launch to learn more about the features of this exciting new tool.