You Can Smell Like a Berlin Techno Club With This New Perfume

Yes, you’ve read it right. It is now possible to walk around through your everyday life smelling like a Berlin techno club. What a time to be alive. Tresor, a famous Berlin techno club just launched a new perfume celebrating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. The goal is to have the scent of the club in a bottle. Tresor had previously closed in 2005 and reopened after relocation in 2007.

In order to make the fragrance, Holynose perfumes worked with Tresor’s clubbers and founder to synthesize the scent. Luckily it recreates the club’s signature bank vault odor rather than the smell of ravers. This is such an interesting, out of the box idea – and we are oh no curious as to how it will smell.

The fragrance comes with the purchase of a new Russian translation of “Der Klang Der Familie (Berlin, techno and the fall of the Wall)“, a techno history book. The passionate piece goes back to how techno flourished in the German capital following the fall of the wall. So far, and according to the perfume firm, only the 300 first buyers of the book will get the fragrance. You can order this unique product here.