Our favorite South African DJ, Nora En Pure, is back at it again. Recently, she just created a whole world with her sultry vibe. With the help of Berlin-based producer, Marius Drescher, the ‘Panem‘ EP collection is here with three tracks. Get ready for more tropical atmosphere, sensual grooves and driving rhythms.

This collection features steamy tech-house, progressive and propulsive pieces. Make this your perfect mood for any late-night warehouse set. Have you caught her more recent performances? She’s been making quite an impact with this.

Panem‘ is progressive and ethereal in nature. It is run by an infectious bass line and loosened up with its melody. ‘Ardor‘ takes on a more menacing vibe, with deeper bass lines and melody. ‘Tunnel Vision‘ is sultry tech house in all its glory. Enjoy.

Nora, aka Daniela Di Lillo’s, vibes are the heart of her releases and Purified radio show.

“I’ve been envisioning Purified Records for some time now…I wanted to create a label to release music along the lines of the music I play in my sets. [It will be] more club-focused, featuring music that still touches, but has a lot of energy. It will be a platform for producers I like and want to support, and eventually my Purified events will also become label showcases for the releasing artists. The imprint completes the Purified brand and will help to strengthen the sound I believe in.” – Nora En Pure

Marius discovered music as the direct link to his inner self and as a way to communicate to the world. Striving for perfection, he built his signature sound around deep, emotional elements of anger, joy or raw energy. You can see it come into play within the three songs.

Panem releases this Friday, Nov. 22. Need it now? Catch its full release a day early only on Billboard Dance.