Nicky Romero & Mike Williams on ‘Dynamite’ Collaboration

Nicky Romero, Mike Williams & Amba Shepherd – Dynamite

The progressive house master and leader, Nicky Romero, is back again with a new record, ‘Dynamite‘. The track is in collaboration with Mike Williams and vocalist, Amba Shephard under Protocol Records. Nick Romero released the song fresh off his collaboration with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, ‘Everybody Clap‘.

Of course, this tune has elements from both producers to show off their skills. The record features the melodic and angelic vocals of Amba Shephard, one of the biggest voices of EDM. Her vocals are accompanied by a big-room-like melody. To me, it almost sounds like a pirate’s anthem. The drop is full of deep kicks and the signature Nicky Romero progressive house sound. The drop comes like a bomb, hence the title. Like the lyrics say, it was “born to blaze like dynamite“. This track does not disappoint as it lives up to its name.

Nicky Romero & Mike Williams
Nicky Romero & Mike Williams in the studio.

Overall, ‘Dynamite’ is a versatile track, while simultaneously staying within the progressive house genre. It has big room elements, ethereal progressive melodies, and heavenly vocals. Nicky has been teasing this collaboration for a while having played it at Tomorrowland earlier this year. It’s finally out now and you can listen to it right here or down below.

Nicky Romero, Mike Williams & Amba Shepherd – Dynamite