Summer 2019 was another summer filled with amazing shows, awesome music and a crazy tour for Martin Garrix. But unfortunately, it was also marked by his serious ankle injury. The Dutch DJ shares more about it in the new season of “The Martin Garrix Show“, released this week.

The Youtube series is back again for a new-forth-season after one year without new episodes. On the bellow episode, you can see what happened from the DJ’s perspective.

The video brings you back to May when Garrix was performing in Omnia-Las Vegas. That’s where he had a fateful fall, resulting in him leaving the show in an ambulance. Nobody knew how serious the injury was especially when the 23-year-old kept playing after the fall. Garrix ended-up cutting his act short and leaving for the hospital.

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Press Statement: Martin Garrix forced to cancel all shows coming weeks It is with deepest regrets that Martin Garrix has to announce that he is forced to cancel all his shows the coming weeks due to a serious ankle injury suffered during his show in Las Vegas on May 25th. Even though feeling positive after some days of rest, further examinations have determined that all his ankle ligaments are torn and surgery is needed to prevent permanent damage to his ankle. Therefore Garrix is forced to follow the specialist’s advice and cancel all his shows for at least the upcoming four weeks. Garrix: ’’I’m devastated that I have to cancel these shows since nothing makes me happier than performing for you guys. I feel most alive when I’m on stage, seeing you guys smile. I was really looking forward to it and I never want to disappoint my fans. Unfortunately this is out of my control and I will need a surgery and enough rest to fully recover. If I don’t get surgery now I might permanently damage my ankle, which could mean I won’t be able to perform at all anymore. I want to thank everyone for their continuous support and I hope to be able to get back on stage to perform for you guys again really soon.’’

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We knew it was serious when Martin canceled all his following shows to focus on his recovery. During this time the DJ kept sharing and updating his recovery process with his fans. The break also gave him time to work on new projects, including his latest track with Dean Lewis, ‘Used to love‘. Watch the full episode just down bellow.