i_o – ACID 444

It’s been an incredible run for i_o this year and it still not over yet. First of all, after releasing his ‘House of God EP,’ he embarks on a summerlong tour. Along the way, he gets to drop his beats for crowds at Ultra, EDC, Creamfields and Electric Zoo. Beyond that, his sound and skills behind the decks pick up endorsements from some big names. Surely, Above & Beyond, and JAUZ are about as big as it gets. Secondly, in the fall, he links up with deadmau5 for the final leg of his Cube V3 tour. As a result, he finds himself opening for one of the biggest artists in the world at one sold out show after another. Not wanting to waste that momentum, he’s closing the year out with a new 3-part album- ‘ACID 444.’ Today we’re getting part 1.

'i_o - ACID 444' drops today and it's definitely going to take you on a trip.

In hindsight, his October announcement is just icing on the cake of a massive year. In essence, the Mau5trap team is showing him the world on its biggest stages. Likewise, with the release of ‘ACID 444,’ i_o’s showing the world who he is and how he got here. As you listen to each track play out you can’t help but catch the energy of an early ’90s warehouse vibe. All four tracks bring back those elements of vintage acid techno with their squelching synths and uptempo drum kicks. That feeling is particularly evident on Rave 444 with its essence of the Roland TB-303 sounds. From this, it’s pretty clear he’s trying to take us back to the time which gives rise to the techno and garage movements. Despite its prominent themes, ACID 444 doesn’t sacrifice the dark sound that i_o’s known for today.

Check out i_o’s upcoming dates here, and pick up your copy of ACID 444 now at one of the links below.