Electric Forest Approved For The Next 10 Years

With a 5-2 vote on Monday, November 4th, the Rothbury Village Council approved Electric Forest Festival for, we hope, the next 10 years. Double JJ Ranch will continue to be the home of the popular festival as well. Many veterans and newcomers rejoiced at this news.

The Council and Madison House, the production company for Electric Forest, also agreed on a $7.50 surcharge for each ticket sold. Previously, the village had been received $6 per ticket. 40,000 people attend the festival annually.

Arrival for the festival will also start on the Tuesday before for its 10th year, so start preparing! We expect tickets will be on sale shortly as June 25th will be here soon! For 2019, tickets for the festival sold out in record time. As the festival continues to be one weekend, it will be a mad dash to obtain these passes for many around the country.