Deadmau5 Lashes Out At Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Canadian DJ/Producer Deadmau5 just made headlines again after picking up a fight with Belgian duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. The reason? Talking too much on the mic.

This weekend, Dreamfields Mexico Festival took place, featuring Lost Frequencies, Martin Garrix, KSHMR and many more. Amongst the headliners, both Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Deadmau5′ side project Testpilot could be found. Apparently the close proximity of the stages left Joel a bit perturbed to say the least.

Through Reddit, Deadmau5 shared his thoughts and opinion regarding DV&LM’s way of performing. As you may know deadmau5 handed over control of his Twitter and Facebook accounts to his management, but he’s still active on Reddit. You can read the full comment below

Deadmau5 reddit comment
Deadmau5 took over Reddit to let everyone know he’s not a fan of DJs who talk on the mic

As you can tell, Deadmau5 is not a fan of DJs who talk during their sets. Besides going after the #1 DJ Mag ranked DJs for their way of performing, Deadmau5 also called their music “The worst fucking music I’ve heard all decade”. Looks like we won’t be expecting a collab between these 3 anytime soon

A few hours later, Deadmau5 added a couple of comments that both dug himself a deeper hole and then attempted to drag himself out of the hole he dug.

Will the world’s #1 DJs respond? That remains to be seen. One thing is for sure, and that’s the fact that there is no way we could avoid covering this story (even if it ends up being a bit cliche). We see you, Reddit commenters.