Attendees Allegedly Barred from Re-Entry After Using the Bathrooms at Seismic Dance Event 2.0

Toilet runs at music festivals have never been fun. The lines are always long, toilet paper is more often than not out, and not to mention the challenge of finding your friends once you make your way back to the jam-packed dancefloor. But all of this suddenly doesn’t sound too bad compared to what happened to attendees of Seismic Dance Event 2.0.

According to many attendees, insanely-long lines for made it practically impossible to re-enter the festival venue after using the bathrooms, which were located outside. As a result, many had missed headliner TESTPILOT‘s set, which then prompted outrage on social media. Side note for those of you who don’t know, but TESTPILOT is deadmau5‘s techno alter-ego.

Attendees taking it to social media to express discontent
Attendees taking it to social media to express discontent

However, organisers appear to be apologetic through a Facebook post the underlying reason for the logistical nightmare. While enraged attendees had initially speculated that the event had been oversold, organisers explained the issues with the bathrooms that it was in fact caused by an unfortunate combination of scheduling and public safety requirements. At the end of their post, they also promised for a smoother Day 2 with more toilets.

Seismic Dance Event is a boutique house & techno music festival for the underground enthusiast. Set in Austin, Texas, the festival featured an impressive lineup including headliners TESTPILOT and Cirez D in this year’s edition. Let’s hope the organizers of Seismic Dance Event learn from this mishap for smoother editions in the future!