Quintino Releases Amazingly Diverse Album ‘Bright Nights’

Dutch DJ/Producer Quintino just released his debut album Bright Nights. The album contains renown festival anthems such as ‘Party Never Ends’ (featuring Brazilian producer Alok) and ‘Make Believe’. It also contains 13 other songs featuring some of the biggest names in EDM such as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Hardwell, and Cesqueaux.

Bright Nights is an album that describes Quintino’s career to perfection. It brings every single style and genre the DJ has worked on during his entire career. Known for stellar tracks such as ‘Can’t Fight It’ featuring Cheat Codes, ‘Mayhem’ featuring Steve Aoki and the timeless classic ‘Epic’ featuring Sandro Silva, Quintino brings a new album filled with every dance vibe necessary to turn the dance floor on fire.

The Debut Album

Quintino Performing at Tomorrowland 2019. His new album Bright Lights primises to be one of the best in 2019.
A force to be reckoned with, Quintino has been dropping hit after hit in the EDM scene for almost 10 years.

Bright Nights

As the title indicates, Bright Nights brings a clear contrast between dark and light. A 15 track album is for sure an ambitious project, but Quintino does a masterful job on it. Every track will for sure bring the listener into a different vibe in the world Quintino has created. However, expect to, above all things, experience happiness, positivity, energy, and the feel-good atmosphere, all of which the Dutch DJ brings into every live performance packed on this new album.

Regarding the development of his album, Quintino declared:

“My aim with this album is to leave something special in the music industry. A milestone in my career, but also a musical statement that underlines the various sounds I produced throughout the years. But above all, I hope to create lots of special moments for my audience with this release, a smile on people’s faces and a spark of dancefloor bliss for everyone that listens to the music.”

Hardwell and Quintino share the stage. They both appear on Quintino's new album Bright Lights.
Dutch superstar DJ/Producer Hardwell is just one of the many names Quintino joins forces with for his new album, Bright Nights

He’s Still Got It

It’s pretty clear that Quintino plans to stay around for a while. With his most ambitious project to date, the producer fulfills another goal, and without a doubt, helps the EDM industry become bigger and better.

Stream Bright Nights by Quintino below