Mau5trap & Insomniac Release Vibrant New Compilation

Mau5Trap & Insomniac Compilation

Techno fans and deep house enthusiasts are in for a royal treat with the new compilation which has just been released. Deadmau5 and his Mau5Trap label have joined hands with INSOMNIAC Records to release a brand new techno compilation. The compilation will surely brighten up your day. We have listed down the tracklist as follows:

  1. Dustycloud – ‘The World is Yours’: This track starts off with a crazy melodic bass to make you groove according to the style of music. The track keeps picking up the pace and finally, we get a house music tinge but then it drops back again to techno.
  2. Golf Clap & Masteria – ‘Mystery Scene’: The track starts off with some vocals thereby setting the techno atmosphere. The track has a long drop which accelerates and then drops again with some melodic vocals.
  3. Hidden Face – ‘Doubts’: This track comes up with a really slow and soothing start. The track itself is really melodious and then starts off with some minimal techno music. The track will tune your mind for the next two tracks.
  4. Morelia – ‘You Give Me’: This track is a pure deep house track and we are sure you are going to love it. The artist teases you with some limited vocals while changing the vibe of the track which brings a unique sound to it.
  5. BYOR – ‘Cold Blood’: This track ends the build-up with some nice melody and some really stunning vocals. This gives it a house and club music vibe setting your mood for the inbound party. The track leaves you grooving even after you stop listening to it.

We are sure you are going to love this collection. Check it out below and leave your thoughts in the comments below.