Martin Garrix Talks About Avicii’s Death With Dutch Newspaper

Tim Bergling, aka Avicii, had a tremendous impact on this world. His music brought together millions and allowed us to collectively have one thing in common, our love for his music. His unfortunate, sudden passing left fans in despair. It also left other DJs wondering if they were making the right choices in their careers. With Amsterdam Dance Event coming up, Martin Garrix chatted with Durch newspaper Het Parool about Tim and his impact.

Martin and Tim had a great history together over the years. As Garrix was on the rise, he toured alongside Avicii and also produced some songs with him, most famously ‘Waiting For Love,’ one we all cherish. His death left a void in EDM that we may never know to be filled. Martin had this to say about his death:

“His death did trigger something in the scene. There is more awareness of the fact that we DJs are just people…After Tim’s death I received countless messages from other DJs saying: ‘Please Martijn, take it easy.’ DJs and producers have been paying more attention to each other.” 

As sad as his death was, it seems it has shined a bright light onto EDM. The industry has become more aware of what these producers can handle. DJs have bonded together like never before and shown the importance of life/work balance. Martin continued to go on to say he attributes his great team, family, and childhood friends to keep him in line and not overwork.

In addition to discussing Tim during his interview, Martin talked about the origin of why he named his record label STMPD RCRDS. Garrix also discussed women’s impact on dance music and being the #1 DJ in the world for 3 consecutive years. You can check out the full interview here!

h/t: Het Parool