[WATCH] Malaa Joins Rezz On Stage to Tease Collab

Rezz and Malaa were both playing both Freaky Deaky Texas last weekend and they took the chance to tease their upcoming collab.

After playing earlier, the French DJ, Malaa joined Rezz on stage and played their unreleased track. Both artists have been teasing this ID during this summer. Now we know that we can enjoy it this Thursday, October 31.

The collab shows a great mix between the two artists’ styles, with a more recognizable Malaa touch on the breakdown and Rezz magic on the drop. On the video shared by both DJs, we also discover that the track’s name will be ‘Criminals‘.

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Malaa had already started experimenting with down-tempo tracks when he released ‘Revolt‘. With Rezz, now we have an absolute banger coming-up this Thursday to put more darkness to our Halloween spookiness.