Instagram Working on Group Stories, Comment Sharing and More

Instagram may be dropping a bunch of new features in an upcoming update. According to Twitter user Jane Manchun Wong, the social media app is exploring several new features to enhance the overall user experience. While about half of the stated updates are linked to the ‘Stories’ feature, we think most users will find the enhancements worth their time.

The Twitter thread listed the following features:

  • Group Stories
  • Layout in Stories
  • Gif Story Replies
  • Stop Motion Camera Mode
  • IGTV Series
  • QR Code Name Tag
  • Comment Sharing
  • Improved Security Settings Access
  • Notifications Filter
  • Boomerang Modes
  • Instagram “Clips”

Many of these potential features will be great additions for business accounts to take advantage of. Nonetheless, the everyday user will also find at least one new feature worthy of the quick update. As a matter of fact, we think the implementation of notification filters and the Layout story feature will be the most appreciated if released.

Those lucky enough to have a plethora of followers and traffic on the app, are likely flooded by notifications. If released, the proposed notification filters would allow users to determine whether they want to be alerted by comments, follows, or likes. Likewise, Layout for Stories would allow users to quickly create a collage of their photos in a chosen grid layout. All in all, this would prevent the hassle of going from app to app.

Lastly, let us know what features you’re most excited for and if there’s any other updates you’d like to see Instagram add. To clarify, we can’t confirm which features will released as some may still be in development. Read below for more information on the proposed features:

Potential Instagram Features

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