Images of New Motorola Foldable Razr Phone Leaked

In the spirit of Halloween, the Internet has blessed us with a special treat! For a while now, Motorola has been hyping up the unveiling of its brand new foldable Razr phone. Users have been patiently waiting for the preview to drop on Wednesday, November 13, 2019. However, two new leaks have appeared online on this spooky holiday, leaving fans delighted by their early goody.

Check out the Leaks Below:

motorola razr folding phone leak

After reviewing the sneak peeks, thanks to Twitter user Evan Blass‘ uploads, it’s safe to say that the new model resembles the original Razr V3 from back in 2004. Upon further examination of the photos, we can see there’s a large lip at the bottom of the device. It appears to be a fingerprint sensor. Furthermore, the top of the phone seems to feature a built-in camera.

In the past, foldable phones have, often times, caused difficulties for its users. We’re thrilled to see the new design by Motorola will, hopefully, shut down our previous concerns. In addition, Motorola had previously teased a new hinge – it’s exciting to see their promise coming to life. It has been reported by Mobielkopen that the new device will only have a resolution of 600 x 800, suggesting it will be limited to some basic functionality.

We will be eagerly anticipating the official unveiling of the Motorola Razr in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, we would like to wish our readers a very happy Halloween! Let’s hope that the new foldable Razr will be more of a treat, and less of a trick…