RÜFÜS DU SOL fans, have no fear. Episode 7 of their Solace series is here. Next up is ‘Underwater‘, a video showcasing their vision during their rehearsal last week in LA.

Audio featured in the video is from their studio recording of their album. As we all know, this song released last August. This song has struck a chord in all of us. With that, they’re letting the song express everything we want it to in this episode.

It opens with Tyrone playing piano and singing. Jon and James join him as the camera pans around. With lights flashing and the ambience flowing, it brings us back to our first times seeing them.

With such emotional and incredible live performances, this is what makes us love them. Each song takes us to another place and keeps us together. What I love about them is their ability to captivate the crowd with a live set. No matter what song they flow into next, it is one we can all sing along to.

Each man on their own stand, they play their part. Together, they take us on a journey. Truly awe-inspiring and humble, these Aussies know what they’re doing. You can still catch them on tour this year.

SolaceRemixed is out now for your listening pleasure, but be sure to catch them at the LA Historic Park this October 5th. They head to Europe shortly after, so if you haven’t seen them, now’s the time!

Any guesses on what the next episode will be? Missed out on any of the previous ones? You can catch up on them here.