Palms Casino Resort is Building a Glass Dome For Year-Round Pool Parties

Thought pool parties were only possible in the summer? Not anymore… The Palms Casino Resort just closed down its outdoor pool area for a massive renovation. No, the resort is not adding more pools but instead, constructing a huge glass dome that will cover one of the pools. According to reports, the dome will only cover one of the pools, leaving the rest open to the outdoors. The new structure will named the ‘KAOS Dome‘.

When completed, visitors will be shielded from the elements all year around. The dome will be temperature controlled, ensuring guests are comfortable, no matter the weather outdoors. Whether it’s snow, dust, or extremely hot temperatures, the KAOS Dayclub and Nightclub venue will go on without delays. Since the dome is made out of glass, sunbathers will also be able to take advantage of the sun and work on their tan.

The clear structure is reportedly going to be 70 feet high and enclose 33,000 square feet of outdoor space. This includes not only the pool but also the surrounding cabanas. This spectacular piece of engineering will be the largest of its kind in Las Vegas and will certainly attract visitors from the Las Vegas Strip. Due to its size and complexity, the pool will close Sunday, September 15 and reopen Thursday, October 31.

The grand-reopening is scheduled to have a ‘Demon Dome’ Halloween party, headlined by Cardi B. To purchase tickets and learn more about the event, check their page here!