Lane 8 Delivers Fall Mixtape In Seasonal Tradition

As the seasons come and go, we’ve come to rely on Lane 8 to deliver one of his immaculate mixes. In this Fall Mixtape iteration, the artist allows us to bask in some of his favorite tunes. Throughout, you’ll have the pleasure of hearing both released and unreleased material from a variety of producers. With time, these mixes have progressively become gems hosting some of Lane 8’s This Never Happened talents.

Upon tradition, Lane 8’s Fall Mixtape certainly nailed the standard of emotive mixing giving us something that’ll carry through the season. All throughout, a plethora of music from a great variety of labels and artists appears. For example, expect to hear music from the likes of Marsh, Aiiso, Solomun, Rylan taggart, Edu Imbernon, Joris Voorn and many more! Plus, OCULA hinted at having some new tunes incorporated into the mix as a producer who has releases on This Never Happened.

Besides all the aforementioned, we also get the chance to hear some unreleased Lane 8 music. This includes a remix of his collaboration with Odd One Out‘s head, Yotto on ‘I/Y‘.

When it comes to keeping up with Lane 8, the producer recently kick-started a new way to connect with fans. If you sign up to the newsletter, you never know what you might get out of it, but it’ll surely be worthwhile. Separate from behind the scenes, there is only one more Summer Gatherings event remaining on Lane 8’s tour. If you want to catch it, now is your chance to partake, and you can find tickets in the link here.

Listen to Lane 8’s Fall 2019 Mixtape below!