Jamie Jones And Darius Syrossian Join Drumcode Records With Track, ‘Eyes Of The Night’

‘Eyes Of The Night’, the track created by Jamie Jones and Darius Syrossian brings these artists’ their debut on the Drumcode record label. The song was released as a single but will be featured on A-Sides Vol. 8. The album is scheduled to drop on September 23rd by Drumcode Records. The track contains deep warehouse sounds iconic of the label, but also keeps a funky edge. These artists are known for breaking away from the norm and staying loyal to their own unique sound. Listeners won’t find these artists changing their style to chase fads in the industry.

When listening to ‘Eyes Of The Night’, individuals can hear the song slowly build and pave the way for a 7 minutes and 10 seconds listening journey. Around the 3:00 mark the track starts to build and hint at a change. Then at 3:45 the track almost pauses and then vocals are briefly introduced. The vocals, spoken in French, are reintroduced a little later in the track. They last slightly longer, but no more than a handful of seconds. The track overall keeps to a minimalist techno style while still bringing its own unique sound.

To listen to the new collaboration between Jamie Jones And Darius Syrossian with Drumcode Records click on the Soundcloud file below. 

Jamie Jones And Darius Syrossian- ‘Eyes Of The Night’