Over the past few years, Seven Lions has grew to be one of the biggest acts in dance music. This year at Electric Zoo, he even hosted his very own branded stage with the Ophelia Stage where he closed out the weekend with one of the biggest crowds of the festival. We had the honor of interviewing him at Electric Zoo where we discussed everything from his latest music to his perspective of the Game of Thrones series. Check out the full interview below.

You hosted your own stage this year at Electric Zoo, the Ophelia Stage. How did this vision come to be?

I mean now that kind of slowly progressed into a thing. I’ve wanted to do my own festival. Chronicles was a thing that started it but this is kind of a step towards that. I guess I’d say that curating a full lineup was a special opportunity. I like a lot of different music so putting people like Kobe and Wooli and MituS on the same stage, it’s a blast really. I’m really proud of it.

You have a new song and that came out recently, ‘Another Me’. How did that collaboration come to be with Excision and Wooli?

Well I’ve did the track ‘Island’ with Wooli so I think I’ve played one of his songs like maybe two or three years ago and then hit him up and I asked him if he had any new tracks because this is sick. Then he sent me some songs and then we just started a track together. And then ‘Island’ came out and Wooli and Excision had something started already so they sent it to me and we all just started working together.

So obviously the Electric Zoo has a zoo theme. What is your favorite music festival or festival theme?

I love going to Burning Man but my favorite has got to be EDC because it just seems like New Years every year and it kind of dictates the rest of the year usually. But definitely being able to do the Ophelia Stage at Electric Zoo is just incredible so now this is very high on my list.

One last question. I believe you are a big Game of Thrones fan. What did you think of the final season?

I was a big fan until about three months ago and I hate to just jump on the bandwagon and say it was terrible because everybody else is saying it. Bu I truly thought it was awful. Honestly like it was terrible. They shit the bed so bad that they should be feeling ashamed of themselves for creating such a cultural phenomenon and like bringing it up to where it was and then absolutely shitting the bed. The directors should have been focusing on their legacy of Game of Thrones and finish it properly. But at the same time as I say this because as an artist like you can’t tell people what to do. But still, I am very disappointed.

How would you have liked the season finale to end?

I mean Jon Snow definitely should have had some epic battle with the Night King. And the fact that he stabbed Daenerys like that…. John Snow is all about honor and faithfulness and for him to stab his girlfriend secretly…. That’s so out of character and that was the thing that pissed me off the most. Throughout the series, he’s always been like I don’t want the responsibility and for it to just go down like that was just the worst.