Insomniac and Ultra do more than just host the festivals in the world. Both have found a way to help others who have been affected by Hurricane Dorian.

Last month, the Category 5 hurricane severely affected many areas in the Caribbean that mainly included the Bahamas. As of September 27th, the death toll in the Bahamas specifically has raised to 56 and 600 still missing. Many companies, such as Uber, AT&T, and Verizon, have come forward to help support the island and other areas. Insomniac and Ultra Enterprises Inc., the company who runs Ultra events, have stepped forward as well.

Insomniac has donated 750 of the ShiftPods that are used for attendees that purchase the Moon Glow EDC camping package. These are not your normal camping tents. The ShiftPods2 are constructed with weather-resistant, multilayered, ultra-reflective fabric to help protect against the elements. They can easily hold 4 people and can even be air-conditioned. This very generous act will cost Insomniac $1 million, but will help roughly 5,000 people on the island. The company also holds an annual auction during EDC Week where the audience may bid on various experiences that support many local and national organizations.

Ultra has found a unique way to help, too. On-site helpers have noticed that many people are wearing shirts with lineups on the back. The festival has donated unsold shirts from past years to those affected and many 2016 shirts have been spotted. Other events, such as the Super Bowl, have done the same as well.

We’re happy to see the electronic community reaching out and providing support for others. Not only does the money that attendees use to purchase tickets go to a great experience, it also goes a long way in situations that affect many all over the world.