Sometimes the world of music and movies just find each other in the middle for a special project. This is the case for actress Odeya Rush and musician Harry Nathan. The two have just released their third self directed music video for Harry Nathan’s new track ‘Alright’. The creative DIY music video presents a love story between a sandwich and a croissant.

You may have seen Odeya Rush on the big screen as she has appeared in many major films include in recent times. Some of the notable actors and actresses that she has worked with are Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, and Larry David. She was featured in the Oscar-nominated movie, ‘Lady Bird’, and also had a leading role in the Netflix movie, ‘Dumplin’ which also featured Jennifer Aniston.

Harry Nathan has had a strong 2019 so far with a handful of tracks released this year already. He brings a very soothing and chilled tempo to his music allowing his listeners to groove along with his productions. It is only fitting that his latest music video would tell a love story between a croissant and a sandwich. You can check out the full music video below.