It’s no question hiding Likes has been part of a larger, and more recent conversation on social media. We have seen Instagram already testing the feature, but who else will join in? Apparently Facebook is testing out the feature as well.

In an effort to keep users from posting for likes, Facebook has been implementing the new feature slowly, but surely.


Facebook will be officially starting to hide Like counts starting in Australia this week. The new initiative will launch starting September 27th. You will still be able to see your Like counts, it just won’t be visible until you click on the Likes to view. Facebook spoke with Tech Crunch regarding the update:

“We are running a limited test where like, reaction, and video view counts are made private across Facebook…we will gather feedback to understand whether this change will improve people’s experiences.”

Jane Manchun Discovers Hiding Likes on Facebook First

Known for uncovering unreleased features and security vulnerabilities on social media, researcher Jade Manchun Wong took to Twitter when she first discovered the new feature.

Perhaps some of these social media companies are starting to take action on some of the negative impacts their platforms can have. With Facebook testing hiding the amount of likes on Facebook will definitely start to remove some pressure for users. While the Facebook feature is currently launching in Australia this week, stay turned with future updates!